The Spider Children

“You have spider legs. You have fangs and venom. And you’ve never thought your own obscurity odd?”

The Spider Children

The Warren family has always had its share of secrets. But when a perfectly formed human-spider hybrid is born to a scion of the bloodline, the newborn seems poised to turn science and society on their heads.

But she doesn’t.

Sixteen years later, the Warren brood has grown to three miraculous children. Spinneretta, the eldest, is interested in little more than living a normal life in their northern California hamlet. But when a young man named Mark arrives, claiming to hail from the Warren family seat, she is forced to reexamine everything she thought she knew about their lives in Grantwood.

And when Spinneretta’s younger sister is nearly kidnapped, the lives of the entire Warren family are thrown toward the brink of terrible revelation. An army of yellow-coated mercenaries, the death cult of an eldritch spider god, and the magic secrets of Mark’s blood—all things are connected in a web of lies, love, and mystery. What are the spider children? And can they unravel the mystery of their origins before it destroys them?

Book I of the Warren Brood trilogy.